Ichiraku Naruto Yile Lamian La Mein With Tonkotsu (135g)

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Slurp up the essence of ninja-inspired cuisine with Ichiraku Naruto Yile Lamian La Mein with Tonkotsu (135g)! This ramen bowl is a tribute to the legendary Ichiraku Ramen shop from the Naruto universe, offering a soul-warming tonkotsu broth that's as rich and complex as the stories of our favorite shinobi. The 135g serving weaves a tapestry of authentic flavors, featuring silky noodles immersed in a creamy pork-based broth, perfected with a depth of flavor that would make even the Hokage nod in approval. Indulge in a culinary experience that's as comforting as it is bold — a perfect treat for Naruto fans and ramen lovers alike. Channel your inner ninja and let this heartening bowl of ramen transport you right to the bustling streets of Konoha!