Chips Ahoy! Soft Sandwich Chocolate Cookie (95g) (China)

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Chips Ahoy! Soft Sandwich Cookie - Chocolate (95g) is a delectable treat that combines the classic crunch of Chips Ahoy! cookies with a soft and chewy texture, creating a delightful cookie sandwich experience. Each cookie features a rich chocolate flavor that indulges the senses with every bite. The creamy filling sandwiched between the two cookies adds a luscious and smooth touch, enhancing the overall taste and texture. With its convenient 95g package size, it's perfect for enjoying as a quick snack or satisfying your sweet tooth on the go. Whether you're a fan of chocolate or simply seeking a scrumptious cookie indulgence, Chips Ahoy! Soft Sandwich Cookie - Chocolate is sure to bring moments of pure bliss to your taste buds.