Doritos Kingpin Burger (150g)

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Doritos Kingpin Burger (150g) is an innovative and flavorful twist on the classic Doritos chip, inspired by the mouthwatering experience of a juicy burger. This bold snack combines the iconic Doritos crunch with the savory and robust flavors of a gourmet burger. Each 150g bag is packed with crispy and seasoned Doritos chips that capture the essence of a burger with their unique blend of smoky, meaty, and tangy seasonings. The chips deliver a satisfying crunch, while the Kingpin Burger seasoning adds a burst of delicious flavors that will transport your taste buds to a burger joint. Whether you're a fan of Doritos or a burger enthusiast, Doritos Kingpin Burger (150g) is a must-try snack that will satisfy your cravings for both chips and burgers. Indulge in the bold and exciting combination of Doritos chips and the mouthwatering taste of a delicious burger in every flavorful bite.