Doritos Mayhem Kebab (150g)

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Doritos Mayhem Kebab (150g) is an exciting flavor variation that takes the classic Doritos chip and infuses it with the bold and savory taste of kebab. This unique snack offers a burst of irresistible flavors inspired by the popular Middle Eastern dish. Each 150g bag is filled with crunchy and boldly seasoned Doritos chips that capture the essence of kebab with their aromatic spices and smoky notes. The chips provide a satisfying crunch, while the kebab seasoning adds a tantalizing blend of savory flavors that will have your taste buds dancing with delight. Whether you're a fan of Doritos or a kebab enthusiast, Doritos Mayhem Kebab (150g) is a must-try snack that will add a flavorful twist to your snacking experience. Enjoy the bold and exciting combination of Doritos chips and the mouthwatering taste of kebab in every crunchy bite.