Funko Pop! Slurpee Slurpee #194

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Chill out with the Funko Pop! Ad Icons Slurpee Slurpee #194, a nostalgic nod to the beloved icy treat that's been a convenience store staple for decades. This collectible figure captures the cool essence of the Slurpee, complete with its iconic swirled colors and frosty goodness, all in the unmistakable Funko Pop! style. It's a refreshing addition to any Ad Icons or Funko collection, reminding fans of lazy summer days and fun-filled trips to grab the slushy beverage. Numbered 194 in the Ad Icons series, this Funko Pop! is as unique as it is classic, making it a must-have for collectors and Slurpee enthusiasts alike. So why wait? Sip back, relax, and add a splash of fun to your shelf with this adorable representation of a slurp-worthy legend!