Funko Pop! Games Sonic The Hedgehog Classic Sonic #632 AUTOGRAPHED

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Race to the heart of nostalgia with the Funko Pop Games Sonic The Hedgehog Classic Sonic #632, featuring an exclusive autograph that turbo-charges its collectability. This vinyl treasure showcases Sonic in his original, beloved form, with vibrant colors and that signature smirk. What sets this piece apart is the hand-signed autograph, giving it a personal touch from the creative world behind Sonic. Protected in a clear case to ensure its mint condition, this autographed Funko Pop is more than just memorabilia — it's a slice of gaming heritage. Perfect for display or as the centerpiece of your Sonic collection, this autographed Classic Sonic Funko Pop is a high-speed ticket to the golden age of gaming. Don't miss the chance to spin dash into a unique piece of the Sonic saga!