Funko Pop! Marvel Venom Venomized The Thing #692 GameStop Exclusive

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Embrace the might of two universes colliding with the Funko Pop! Marvel Venom Venomized The Thing #692, a GameStop Exclusive that merges the raw power of the Fantastic Four's rock-solid hero with the dark symbiote's ferocity. This unique collectible showcases The Thing as you've never seen him before, taken over by Venom's alien influence and reimagined with the symbiote's signature twisted features. The textured details on The Thing's already formidable form are enhanced by the slick, Venomized design, making this figure a standout in any Marvel or Funko collection. Fans of both "Venom" and the "Fantastic Four" can celebrate the ultimate fusion of brute strength and extraterrestrial terror. Add this exclusive, one-of-a-kind figure to your arsenal today and let the Venomized Thing dominate your display with his imposing presence.