Funko Pop! Gladiator Maximus #860 FYE Exclusive

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Step into the arena of collectibles with the Funko Pop! Movies Gladiator Maximus #860, an FYE Exclusive that embodies the bravery and honor of the legendary Roman general turned gladiator. This highly detailed figure depicts Maximus in his battle armor, ready to fight for glory and the memory of Rome. Fans of the epic film will appreciate the craftsmanship that captures the likeness of Russell Crowe’s iconic character. This exclusive piece is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts, offering a tangible connection to the cinematic spectacle that is "Gladiator." Elevate your collection with this tribute to strength and resilience, and let the spirit of Maximus Decimus Meridius stand tall in your display. Secure your exclusive piece of history with the Funko Pop! Movies Gladiator Maximus #860. Ave, true to Caesar, and to your collection!