Hi-Chew Yogurt (57g) (China)

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Hi-Chew Yogurt is a delicious and fruity candy produced by Morinaga & Co., Ltd. This specific product is a 90-gram bag of bite-sized candies with a soft and chewy texture, featuring a variety of yogurt flavors, manufactured in China.

The candy comes in a range of fruity flavors, including strawberry, blueberry, and mango, all with a creamy yogurt twist. The texture of the candy is soft and chewy, making it an enjoyable and satisfying snack to munch on.

The packaging of Hi-Chew Yogurt features the iconic Hi-Chew branding with the words "Yogurt" written in bold letters against a colorful and playful background. The bag is resealable, making it easy to store and perfect for sharing with friends and family.