KitKat Baskin Robbins Chocolate Mint Ice Cream (Limited Edition) (116g) (Japan)

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Kit Kat Baskin Robbins Chocolate Mint Ice Cream (Limited Edition) is a delectable treat that combines the beloved flavors of Kit Kat, Baskin Robbins, and the refreshing taste of mint chocolate ice cream. This special edition Kit Kat from Japan features a unique twist on the classic wafer chocolate bar. The crispy wafer layers are infused with a creamy and cool chocolate mint filling, reminiscent of the popular Baskin Robbins ice cream flavor. With its harmonious blend of rich chocolate, refreshing mint, and satisfying crunch, this limited edition Kit Kat is a delightful indulgence for chocolate and ice cream enthusiasts alike. Grab a piece and experience the delightful fusion of two beloved treats in one delightful bite.

10 mini bars in 1 bag.