Kit Kat Hazelnut Crunch Wafer Bar (120g)

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Kit Kat Hazelnut Crunch Wafer Bar is a delicious chocolate candy bar with a crispy and crunchy wafer center. The bar weighs 120 grams and is a perfect combination of creamy milk chocolate and crunchy hazelnut pieces. The wafer layers are coated with a smooth layer of hazelnut-flavored chocolate that adds a rich and nutty taste to the overall texture.

The Kit Kat Hazelnut Crunch Wafer Bar comes in a distinctive red packaging that is easy to recognize, and the individually wrapped fingers of the chocolate bar are convenient for sharing or enjoying on the go. This chocolate bar is a great snack for those who love the classic Kit Kat taste and are looking for a twist on the original flavor. It is also a perfect treat to satisfy your sweet cravings.