Kit Kat Mango (27g) (India)

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Kit Kat Mango (27g) is a delicious and unique flavor of Kit Kat chocolate that is popular in India. This candy features a smooth and creamy white chocolate coating with a hint of mango flavor, making it the perfect treat for anyone who loves the tropical taste of mango.

The candy is made up of four crispy and crunchy wafer fingers that are sandwiched together with the creamy white chocolate and mango flavor. Each finger is coated with a generous layer of the delicious white chocolate and mango flavor, making every bite a delightful experience.

The packaging of Kit Kat Mango is eye-catching and vibrant, with a predominantly orange color scheme that matches the flavor of the candy. The Kit Kat logo is prominently displayed on the packaging, ensuring that consumers know they are getting a quality product from a trusted brand.