Lays Max BBQ Prik Pop Fai (44g) (Thailand)

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Amplify your snack time with Lays Max BBQ Prik Pop Fai (44g) from Thailand. These crunchy potato chips feature the fusion of BBQ flavor and Prik Pop Fai spice, creating a unique and flavorful profile that's sure to satisfy your taste buds.

"Prik Pop Fai" is a Thai phrase that translates to "Firecracker Chili" in English. It refers to a type of chili spice or seasoning that is known for its fiery and hot flavor profile. Thai cuisine often incorporates various chili peppers to add heat and depth to dishes. Prik Pop Fai spice is a blend of chili peppers or a specific type of chili powder used to enhance the spiciness of Thai recipes. It can be used to add a kick to a variety of dishes, providing that signature Thai heat to your culinary creations.