Minute Maid Rose and Grape (420ml) (China)

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Minute Maid Rose and Grape (420ml) is a captivating fruit beverage that brings together the delicate essence of roses with the luscious flavor of grapes. Specifically crafted for the Chinese market, this drink offers a refreshing and aromatic experience that is both elegant and indulgent. Each sip reveals a harmonious blend of the sweet and juicy grape notes, complemented by the subtle floral undertones of roses. Packaged in a convenient 420ml bottle, Minute Maid Rose and Grape is perfect for enjoying on-the-go or as a delightful accompaniment to meals. With its vibrant packaging and enticing combination of flavors, this beverage captures the essence of a beautiful rose garden and the refreshing taste of succulent grapes, creating a truly enchanting drinking experience for consumers in China.