Oreo Sakura Peach Blossom (97g) (China)

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Oreo Sakura is a limited edition cookie version of the classic Oreo cookie, inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms of Japan. Made in China, this version comes in a 97g package and features a smooth and creamy filling flavored with cherry blossom.

The cookies are made with the classic Oreo chocolate wafers that are crispy and rich in flavor, providing the perfect contrast to the sweet and floral filling. The addition of cherry blossom flavor gives the cookie a unique and delicate taste, making it a special treat for any Oreo lover.

The packaging features the iconic Oreo logo and a vivid image of the cookies with cherry blossom flowers, making them stand out on the shelves. The 97g size makes it easy to share with friends and family or to enjoy as a satisfying snack on your own.

Oreo Sakura is a great choice for anyone who loves the classic Oreo cookie and is looking for a unique and limited edition version to try. It is perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings and for enjoying a taste of the beauty of Japan.