Sour Patch Kids Space Kids 170g (Australia)

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Introducing Sour Patch Kids Space Kids, the intergalactic twist on the classic tangy and chewy candy that will send your taste buds soaring to new frontiers. This 170g pack, specially crafted for all the candy connoisseurs in Australia, brings you an out-of-this-world experience with its tantalizing flavor fusion. Embark on a cosmic journey as each bite takes you on a flavor adventure through the vast reaches of space. The Sour Patch Kids Space Kids are bursting with a combination of fruity sweetness and a zesty sour kick that will make your mouth tingle with delight. These extraterrestrial treats come in a variety of vibrant and cosmic colors, adding a playful touch to your snacking experience. Whether you're exploring the final frontier or simply looking for a burst of excitement during your day, Sour Patch Kids Space Kids will transport your taste buds to a galaxy of deliciousness. Brace yourself for an interstellar explosion of flavor that is sure to leave you craving more. Get ready to launch into a candy experience like no other with Sour Patch Kids Space Kids!