Doritos Street Art Collection - Chaos Cajun Chicken Flavor (80g) (AUS)

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Unleash the flavor fiesta with Doritos Chaos Cajun Chicken (80g) – your taste buds' ticket to a spicy, savory adventure, all the way from Australia! Each chip is a bold blend of authentic Cajun spices and mouthwatering chicken flavor, delivering a crunch that's as loud as the taste is mighty. Perfect for those who love their snacks with a kick, these Doritos are not just a bag of chips; they're a journey to flavor paradise. Ideal for gatherings, solo snacking sessions, or as an exotic twist to your mealtime, Doritos Chaos Cajun Chicken is where the party starts. Get ready to dive into a whirlwind of taste with every bite!

Street Art Collection
Starring local Aussie artists and tasty street inspired flavors, the Doritos Street Art Collection celebrates the fearless self expression of street art.

Cara Jane Diffey

Unapologetically embracing and exploring her creativity has allowed Sydney-based artist, Cara Jane Diffey, to step outside her comfort zone and overcome fears of judgement.

Growing up on the sandy shores of Australia’s Mid North Coast, Cara’s work explores surf, street and skate culture. Cara’s use of bold lines, bright colours and playful subjects bring her fun and edgy characters to life.

Now Doritos dares you to be bold!