Walkers Max Pizza Hut Pepperoni Feast Crisps (70g) (UK)

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Savour the iconic Pizza Hut flavor in every crunch with Walkers Max Pizza Hut Pepperoni Feast Crisps (70g)! These ridged crisps from the UK offer a deep, satisfying crunch and are bursting with the delicious taste of a Pepperoni Feast pizza. Infused with the zesty, meaty flavors of Pizza Hut's beloved pepperoni topping, each 70g bag is a fusion of two classic comfort foods. Perfect for a snack on-the-go, a companion to your lunch, or for sharing with friends during a game night. Walkers Max brings you the ultimate indulgence in snack form, no reservation required. So, why wait for a pizza delivery when you can open up a bag of Walkers Max and experience a Pepperoni Feast in every bite?