Walkers Max Pizza Hut Texan BBQ Crisps (70g) (UK)

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Get a taste of the American South with Walkers Max Pizza Hut Texan BBQ Crisps (70g)! This British snack sensation combines the hearty, smoky flavors of a Texan BBQ pizza with the irresistible crunch of Walkers Max crisps. Each 70g bag is packed with a bold blend of spices, capturing the sweet and smoky notes of a classic barbecue sauce, partnered with the satisfaction of a thick, ridged crisp. Ideal for snacking solo or sharing with fellow flavor explorers, these crisps bring the spirit of a Pizza Hut Texan BBQ to your fingertips — no grill required. So kick back, pop open a pack, and let Walkers Max transport you to a BBQ pit in the heart of Texas with every mouthwatering crunch!