How is shipping calculated? 
Prices based on weight and location. Price is determined after you type in your address during check-out process. (Free shipping on all US orders $50 and over!)

Where can I find the expiration date? 
In Asia and some European markets the expiration date is not stated on products. Instead, the production date is (the manufactured date) and a suggested shelf life period is also shown. The dates must be displayed in the sequence year, month, day. Click here for a more detailed breakdown about international best-by dates.

Best-By Dates:
Chips, Cookies & Chocolate: 9-12 months
Candy: 12-36 months
Soda: 12-24 months (if real fruit juice, i,e all Sunkist, shelf life is 9-12 months)

Which debit and credit cards are accepted by Pop Shop! & Gallery?
Pop accepts all major credit and debit cards including Discover.

Does Pop accept PayPal or Google Pay as a form of payment?
Yes, we do accept Venmo; PayPal, Cash App, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Does Pop accept electronic benefits transfer (EBT) as a form of payment? 
No, we do not currently accept EBT.

Do you have vegan and halal products?
We cannot guarantee vegan or halal products. We recommend researching products on the manufacturers website before purchase.

Can I change/cancel my items after placing an order?
Contact Customer Service via the chat box or at Contact@PopShopLife.com, we will try and update your order if it has not been shipped yet!

Can I change something on my order after it ships?
Unfortunately, an order cannot be changed once it has been shipped. Please contact our Customer Service team for any questions regarding your order.

Can products be shipped to my country?
Yes, we ship internationally! However, we recommend considering a larger order to cover the additional costs of international shipping. Contact us with any questions you may have.   

Do you deliver to my state?
Heck yea we do!

How are taxes calculated?
Tax rates are calculated based on the state the order is shipped to.

How will I know if my order was submitted?
Within minutes of placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation that your order has been accepted. Please contact us if you have not received this email.

How do I become a wholesaler?
You can sign-up as retailer and order products shipped directly to your store. Please send all inquiries to Contact@PopShopLife.com

What's your refund policy?
We have a 30-day refund policy for unopened goods. Contact us to initiate a refund. We will not accept returns that have not been approved. Review our refund policy to make sure you qualify for a free return-label.