Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix (85g)

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Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix (85g) is a delightful and colorful assortment of chewy candy that is sure to please any candy lover. The candy comes in a resealable bag, making it perfect for sharing or saving some for later.

The Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix features a variety of bold and fruity flavors, including grape, raspberry, and strawberry. Each candy is wrapped in a colorful and eye-catching packaging that is easy to identify.

The candy itself is soft and chewy, with a texture that is similar to taffy. The flavors are intense and long-lasting, ensuring that each chew is bursting with fruity flavor.

The packaging of Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix is bright and playful, with a predominantly purple color scheme that is reminiscent of grapes. The packaging also features the recognizable Hi-Chew logo, ensuring that consumers know they are getting a quality product from a trusted brand.